Washers is a woven wall hanging made from mica and metal washer, and metal blades. The round mica washers were salvaged from a junk pile on the old cedar mill in McCloud, California. The fringe at the bottom is created with copper wire around metal blades that I  gathered off the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I've since added bristles from other cities I have visited: Oakland, Dunsmuir and Ukiah, CA.

I was visiting Santa Fe and, while walking around, I kept noticing these flat metal pieces measuring about 8" long in the gutters near the curbs. I began gathering them and asking local people if they knew what they were and why there were so many of them. At a street festival I spoke with men from the Public Works Department. After much discussion, one of the workers recognized them as the bristles from the street sweeping machine. A perfect addition to Washers!                         

24" by 48".                                       $5,000